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TIG Welding Machine

TIG Welding Machine - devices for the most demanding users

TIG is a popular welding method that allows for maximum precision in manual and industrial welding. Its advantages include the possibility of obtaining a good quality joint that is smooth and clean. The TIG Welding Machines we offer can be used in the production of stainless steel components, but not only. They are also suitable for welding aluminium. There are many ways of using this type of equipment, so they are gaining popularity among a growing number of users. They are distinguished by their wide range of welding current regulation, the availability of PULS functions and small dimensions.  You can choose between two series: STANDARD and PRO.

TIG Welding Machines STANDARD series - pleasant and efficient work

The STANDARD series TIG Welding Machines have a module that allows for a contact-free arc ignition, which means that the person operating the machine does not have to touch the material to start working (HF function). This makes it easier to make not only a strong but also a good looking joint. In addition, each TIG welder guarantees arc stability in TIG AC and TIG DC mode. The equipment is suitable for both TIG and MMA and MIG MAG welding.The electronic components of the welder were impregnated with two layers of varnish, which influenced its strength. All parts exposed to excessive heat during operation are protected by an electronic heat protection system. The speed of the fan is adjusted according to the level of heating of the welder. The STANDARD series, such as the Paton ADI 200 STANDARD, has a stabilisation system and can therefore be powered from the unit. They are equipped with several useful functions, including: mode selection (2T, 4T), gas pre-treatment and final cleaning, pulsed welding. They are suitable for workshop and field work as well as for repair and maintenance.

TIG Welding Machines PRO series - rugged welding machines for demanding tasks

The PRO series of equipment is designed for professional use. They allow for TIG AC, TIG DC and MMA welding. These welders are protected against mains voltage spikes, which means they are less likely to fail. Thanks to their compact dimensions, they are ideal for field work and allow for efficient welding of demanding structures.As with the STANDARD models, the electric arc is ignited without contact in PRO welding machines. The fan operation is automatically adjustable, so they are well protected against overheating. The ability to save up to 10 preferred settings is a positive factor in the comfort of use, so you don't have to adjust individual parameters every time. They are very durable devices that guarantee reliable operation for a long time. This series includes the Paton ADI 200 PAC, which offers a stepless adjustment of the output current from 5 to 200 A. This equipment allows direct and alternating current welding of such materials as aluminum and its alloys, steel, non-ferrous metals and copper alloys. The device also has an option of RIV spot welding (SPOT) as well as current balance adjustment. The PRO series are welding devices designed to perform the most demanding work, even in difficult conditions.

Buy the TIG PATON welder at the lowest prices

On our website there is a wide range of different models of PATON TIG welders at the lowest prices. In our offer everyone can find and buy such a model of a welder that will meet individual wishes and preferences, and also order delivery throughout Poland.We have all types of high quality welding machines, which allow us to perform such types of welding:
  • MIG/MAG;
  • MMA;
  • TIG.