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MIG Welding Machine

MIG Welding Machine PATON are considered to be one of the best types of equipment for industrial companies with different specializations.One of the best known welding machine is the MIG MAG PATON. The semi automatic welder PATON is operated in the MIG/MAG welding mode, which enables fast and efficient performance of mechanized welding with a welding wire in a shielding gas environment. It is used to combine products made of aluminium, stainless and low alloy steel.

Advantages of the MIG Welding Machines PATON

  • high welding efficiency and multifunctionality;
  • A digital control method that controls absolutely all welding processes;
  • the presence of a euro connector, which gives full freedom of choice of welding fixture;
  • protection against overheating and voltage spikes;
  • ease of use;
  • possibility to adjust the voltage at the source and the speed of wire feeding;
  • safety at work;
  • compact dimensions and low weight.

Which MIG welder machine should I buy?

When choosing a MIG MAG welder machine, the following parameters must be taken into account:
  • purpose: domestic or professional use;
  • nominal current;
  • a kind of wire feeder: 2 or 4 rollers;
  • the weight;
  • equipment.
On our website, there are 10 models of 3 in 1 welders MIG/MAG with different parameters in two series: STANDARD series and PRO series.The STANDARD series includes 3 models:
These MIG welders are intended for domestic use and differ in nominal current ratings: 160 A, 200 A and 250 A. They are suitable for a standard 230 V home network and provide gas shielded welding (MIG/MAG) operation.Semi automatic welders MIG MAG STANDARD series are compact, whose efficiency is 90%, load time 45%, protection class - IP21, which protects the device against penetration of foreign bodies with a diameter of more than 5.5 mm, and the weight of the device itself does not exceed 11.5 kg.They are equipped with a universal EURO connector, enabling the connection of burners of various manufacturers, as well as a reliable mechanism of wire feeding on 2 rolls. They also have a fully digital control method, which controls all welding processes and allows you to change welding modes, the ability to adjust the voltage at source and the speed of wire feeding. They have reels weighing 5 kg.MIG Welders Machine PATON of STANDARD series have the correct technological system. The electronic boards of MIG welders PATON themselves are made in a robotic way using IGBT components of the world's leading manufacturers, such as Infineon, Vishay, Toshiba, NXP and others. All electronics are coated with a high quality protective varnish, ensuring product reliability throughout the entire lifetime.PRO series is represented by 7 models of 3 in 1 welder:
  • PATON PSI 200 PRO DC (15-2);
  • PATON PSI 250 PRO DC (5-2);
  • PATON PSI 250 PRO DC (15-2);
  • PATON PSI 250 PRO DC (15-4);
  • PATON PSI 270 PRO DC (15-2);
  • PATON PSI 270 PRO DC (15-4);
  • PATON PSI 315 PRO DC (15-4).
The welding machines of this series are designed for industrial use and differ in the nominal current of 200 A, 250 A, 270 A and 315 A, the type of wire feeder - 2-roller or 4-roller. All devices in this series are also equipped with a universal KZ-2 connector, have a higher degree of protection - IP 33 and an increased load time of 70%. It is possible to mount a 5 or 15 kg spool. One part of these models is powered from the home network - 230 V and the rest is powered from a three-phase network - 400 V.MIG welders PATON series PRO have the possibility to separate the wire feeding mechanism, which is very convenient and allows to work in particularly difficult conditions.For welding machine MIG MAG PATON Standard and Pro series you can also choose a welding handle. Two types of Abicor Binzel MB EVO PRO and Abicor Binzel MB GRIP are available in lengths of 3, 4 or 5 metres.Each purchased set includes: MIG MAG welding machine, electrode holder Abicor Binzel, mass holder Abicor Binzel, wire feeder rollers, gas quick release, cardboard box and instruction manual.

Buy MIG Welder Machine PATON at the lowest prices

On our website there is a wide range of different models of PATON MIG MAG welders at the lowest prices. In our offer everyone can find and buy a customized model of PATON MIG Welder together with delivery all over worldwide. We are an official distributor of the PATON company in Europe, so that we produce only high quality welding equipment, using only the latest technology in the production of all materials.