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Arc Welders - Paton Welding Machines

PATON arc welders are considered to be one of the best types of equipment for industrial companies with different specializations. Each device is capable of smooth operation under long-term load, in all weather conditions and with high technical parameters.

One of the best known welding methods is ММА (Manual Metal Arc) - manual arc welding - this is the simplest type of welding, which consists of arc burning between the coated electrode and the welding pond and is used under any conditions. PATON company offers MMA welding machines, which allow you to welding materials like filler metal or mild steel.However, if you are looking for a welding machine for another application, such as welding aluminum, you will need a DC AC TIG welder.

What is arc welding process?

MMA (manual metal arc welding, also now as a stick welding) is an arc welding method using flux-coated metal electrodes. An electric current (constant or alternating, but a constant current is most commonly used for this method) forms an arc between the electrode and the metal being joined. During the welding process, the coating is decomposed by heat, releasing gaseous substances and forming a slag, which acts as a shielding gas.Shielded electrode welding is largely used for welding steel. The process involves placing this electrode in an electrode holder and making direct contact with the area to be welded. A short circuit is generated and the electric arc starts when the electrode is lifted. During the welding process, the electrode, as well as its coating, liquefies and a slag is formed over the surface to be welded, as previously written.

How exactly does stick welding work?

Metal electrode arc welding, also commonly referred to as MMA welding or simply welding with a covered electrode, involves the generation of an electric arc between a covered electrode and the metal to be welded, using an electric current generated by a welding source to produce this arc. The current intensity must be strong enough to maintain the arc.Both the gaseous substances and the slag that form during MMA welding protect the weld pool from the atmosphere. The slag also coats the weld, reducing the cooling rate of the weld. It should be remembered that for covered electrode welding, unlike MIG and TIG welding, no shielding gas is needed.All you need is a welding machine, a covered electrode and an electrode holder. It should be noted, however, that the welding efficiency in the MMA method is lower than in the MIG MAG method.

Arc welders or mig welders?

When it comes to welding equipment, many people wonder which welding machines to choose. It all really depends on what materials we have to weld - not everyone who does welding welds all materials.MIG welding machines have the advantage over arc welders that they most often allow us to weld in all methods. So here we can weld with covered electrode, in the MIG MAG method and in the TIG DC method. For each of these methods, we will need different welding consumables.

Advantages of the welding machines PATON

  • high welding efficiency (the device can work for several hours without a break);
  • efficiency by using the latest IGBT technology;
  • digital control method;
  • possibility of pulse current welding;
  • protection against voltage spikes;
  • easy to operate;
  • reliability of operation in high humidity and dusty environments;
  • compact dimensions and low weight
  • PATON welding machines have a 5-year warranty
  • two methods of welding: stick welding and TIG welding

What stick welders should I buy?

The selection of a welding machine must be approached responsibly, as the quality of the work to be done later depends on it. The following parameters must be taken into account when selecting a welding machine model:
  • purpose: domestic or professional use;
  • electrical current;
  • available functions;
  • technical specifications;
  • equipment.
PATON stick welders are available in 11 models and are divided into three series: MINI, ECO and PRO. The MINI series is represented by one mini camera, the MMA Paton VDI MINI DC, which enables operation with a 4 mm electrode.Stick welding is ideal for the household. This device is very practical. It has such functions as: Hot-Start function (hot start), Arc-Force function (arc force) and Anti-Stick function (anti-stick).The nominal current of the MMA PATON MINI series is 150A. It is adapted to a normal single-phase network, protection class IP21, and the weight of the machine itself is only 3.3 kg.The ECO series is represented by 4 models:
  • Arc Welder PATON VDI 160 ECO DC;
  • Arc Welder PATON VDI 200 ECO DC;
  • Arc Welder PATON VDI 250 ECO DC
  • Arc Welder PATON VDI 315 ECO DC
These welders are characterized by low energy consumption, which is very ecological and differ in nominal current: 150 A, 160 A, 200 A, 250 A, 315 A.The VDI ECO 160, 200 and 250 models are semi-industrial and are powered from a standard 220V power supply and are intended for use in small buildings and workshops.The VDI 315 model is an industrial device, powered from a three-phase power supply - 380V. This model has a higher protection class and an improved configuration.The ECO series is also equipped with automatic functions, such as: Hot-Start, Arc-Force and Anti-Stick, which are set in optimal mode for most typical jobs.The MMA PATON welding machine electronic boards are made in a robotic way using IGBT components from the world's leading manufacturers such as Infineon, Vishay, Toshiba, NXP and others.The PRO series includes 5 models:
  • Welding Machine PATON VDI 160 PRO DC
  • Welding Machine PATON VDI 200 PRO DC
  • Welding Machine PATON VDI 250 PRO DC
  • Welding Machine PATON VDI 270 PRO DC
  • Welding Machine PATON VDI 315 PRO DC
  • Welding machine PATON VDI 350 PRO DC
  • Welding Machine PATON VDI 500 PRO DC
The devices of the PRO series are designed for professional use in production and also vary in current: 160 A, 200 A, 250 A, 270 A, 315 A. VDI PRO 160, 200, 250 models are powered from 220V mains, and VDI PRO 270 and 315 models are powered from 380V mains. They have a higher protection class - IP 33 and a higher degree of protection - 70%, which allows for almost continuous operation.These models are fully digital controlled. They have a very convenient and informative screen for easy navigation in all settings and functions.All electronics are coated with a high quality protective varnish to ensure product reliability over the entire lifetime. Each purchased set includes: MMA PATON welder, electrode and mass holder of German company ABICOR BINZEL, carrying strap, packaging and instruction manual. Some of these welders include multi voltage plug.

Buy the PATON arc welders at the lowest prices

On our website there is a wide range of different models of PATON Arc welders at the lowest prices. In our offer everyone can find and buy such a model of a welder that will meet individual wishes and preferences, and also order delivery worldwide. We have all types of high quality welding equipment, which allow us to perform such types of welding:
  • ARC Welders
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  • TIG Welders