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Welders for professionals

In the offer of welders available in our shop, you will find devices suitable for beginners as well as for professionals. The equipment used by an experienced welder must meet all his requirements and, in addition, have increased resistance to damage. Our offer includes a wide range of professional welding machines that allow the use of MMA, MIG/MAG and TIG methods.

Welding machine for the professional – what is the most important?

Above all, the welding machine used for home or hobby work should be lightweight and handy. What does it look like with a device for a professional? Since it is used intensively and often in difficult conditions, it should be adequately protected against breakdowns. Among the welding devices for professional use, there are 230 V and 400 V power supply models. It is advisable that the device is adapted to be powered from a power generator and allows the use of a long extension cord. Thanks to this feature and lightweight construction, work can be done in any situation. It is worth to find a model equipped with functions improving work comfort and positively influencing the quality and appearance of the weld (e.g. Arc Force in MMA method).

MMA welding machines – PRO series

For professionals looking for a device for MMA welding we recommend models from PRO series. They allow welding not only with coated electrodes, but also with MIG/MAG and TIG methods, providing a wide range of parameter adjustment. This equipment is equipped with a work stabilization system, so it can be powered from the unit without any obstacles. They are protected against too high and low voltage. The fan is responsible for cooling the welding machines. Its speed is adjusted to the temperature of the device, it increases at the beginning of welding and gradually decreases when the welder becomes cool. This reduces the amount of dust inside the case.

MMA welding machine – for the professional

The MMA PRO series welders, such as Paton VDI 160 PRO DC, Paton VDI 250 PRO DC or Paton VDI 315 PRO DC 400 V, allow the use of the PULS function, i.e. pulsed current welding (regardless of the selected method). If necessary, the device can be extended with a wire feeder which will enable us to weld MIG/MAG method. They are used in many places, e.g. by construction crews or for assembly work. All welders have features such as Anti-Stick, Hot Start and Arc Force. Importantly, a practical, robust carrying case is included.

MIG/MAG welding machines – PRO series

Semi-automatic machines from the PRO series are a great choice for those looking for a device for semi-industrial or industrial use. All models offer the possibility of MIG/MAG, MMA and TIG welding, also using the PULSE function. The welders are equipped with a KZ-2 connector of “EURO” type, which enables the use of any handle. They have a sealed wire feeder with additional functions, which is appreciated for its very high quality and precision.

MIG MAG welding machine – for the professional

The PRO series includes devices that have a module to protect against incorrect supply voltage levels. These include the Paton PSI 200 PRO, Paton PSI 250 PRO 400 V and Paton PSI 315 PRO 400 V. They can be connected to a long extension cord and powered from the unit due to the built-in stabilisation system. The welders work reliably even in areas with high dustiness and high humidity. They guarantee comfort and safety at work, especially as it is possible to disconnect the source from the mechanism feeding the welding wire. All electronic components of the device have been impregnated with two layers of paint, so do not worry about unexpected equipment failure. The equipment guarantees the correct shape of the weld, regardless of the welding position.

TIG welders – PRO series

The expectations of professionals looking for TIG AC and DC welding equipment will be fulfilled by the PRO series. They can also be used in MMA mode. These are welders that are well protected against overheating and mains voltage spikes. They can be used to weld steel, aluminum and its alloys, copper alloys as well as non-ferrous metals. They are very well prepared for difficult conditions thanks to their protection against dust and moisture. What is important is that regardless of the chosen welding method, it is possible to use a pulsed current.

TIG welder – for the professional

The PRO series includes the Paton ADI 200 PAC model, powered from 230 V. It is small in size and is used in repair shops, for example. The unit can be powered from the unit and using a long extension cord, but this does not increase its susceptibility to failure. The source components that heat up during operation are protected by an electronic heat protection system (starts up when the temperature of the components rises to 100 degrees C). As it is difficult to adjust the parameters every time the welder is switched on, it remembers the last selected settings. This makes it easy to prepare for work.