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Inverter welders PATON – start of production

7 feb. 2019

Start of production of PATON™ inverter welders with a nominal current of 400, 500 and 630 amps.

Experts from the Welding Equipment Department of the E.O. Paton Institute of Electrical Welding successfully completed the design work and started production of the first batches of inverter welders with 400, 500 and 630 amps.

The devices are designed to work in all MMA, TIG, MIG/MAG welding methods, they obtain 400, 500 and 630 amperes, respectively, which enables welding with any diameter electrode or welding wire up to Ø 2 mm.
In order to maintain reliability, the new devices are based on proven construction and technological solutions which have been used in the plant’s products for many years.

PATON™ VDI 400, VDI 500 and VDI 630 are powered from a three-phase 400 V power supply without using a neutral cable. A distinguishing feature of PATON™ inverters is their weight and size. For example, the weight of the PATON VDI 500 A model will be about 30 kilograms. Another characteristic feature of the devices is the multilingual interface – now every welder can work with the inverter by selecting the most convenient language for menu settings.

The PATON™ VDI 400 A, VDI 500 A and VDI 630 A project is the first stage of the project, which aims to create an efficient inverter device designed for welding in harsh industrial conditions. As part of the next stages, it is planned to develop inverter devices with a nominal current of 800 to 1250 amperes, which should complement the Plant’s range of products in the near future.

From today, we are opening initial orders for the VDI 400, VDI 500 and VDI 630 inverter welders. To place an order, you need to contact one of Paton™ production distributors in your regions or make an enquiry at using the form.