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Biography of Founders

Science, not enriched by practice.
is dead, but the practice is lacking in achievement
“scientific is powerless. ”

The founders and ideological inspirers of the Department are Eugenia Oskarovich Paton and Boris Evgeniiovich Paton – outstanding scientists in the field of welding and metallurgy.

Eugenia Oskarovich Paton

Bridge builder, founder of the National Metal Welding School, member of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences of the SSR, Hero of the Socialist Labour Party, winner of the State Prize of the Soviet Union, Head of the Bridge Construction Department (1904-1929), Dean of the Faculty of Engineering (1906), organizer and head (1935-1939) of the Electric Welding Department.
In 1934 he created the Electric Welding Institute as part of the Ukrainian Academy of SSR Sciences, which he led until the end of his life.

Boris Evgeniiovich Paton

Researcher in the field of metallurgy and metal technology, professor, doctor of technical sciences, member of the academy, author of more than 1000 scientific works and publications, and creator of more than 400 inventions. Since 1953 he has been the head of the Electric Welding Institute. Since 1962. – President of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.