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Our Vision and Values

Unchanging values underlying the company are characteristic of the Welding Equipment Department of the E.O. Electrical Welding Institute. Paton, which makes us different from other industrial companies.


We value our customers and work to meet their demand for high quality equipment and welding consumables.

Own production

All PATON™ welding equipment and electrodes are manufactured in Ukraine in our own production facilities with the participation of more than 300 highly qualified specialists who provide daily continuity of orders for more than 70 Ukrainian partner companies that provide raw materials, components and services.


The main principles of employment in the company are as follows: Involving people who can take initiative and have a creative approach to work. They focus on continuous professional development in our team, which is appreciated by the personal contribution of each employee.


A mutually beneficial partnership is the basis for a successful business. We support and encourage our partners to help them achieve their goals as much as possible. Paton Plant cooperates with companies that are leaders in their fields, which they have proved over the years with their competent and credible work.


Global quality level. We believe that it is our duty to achieve perfection in all our products, we are constantly improving the quality of manufactured equipment so that the customer gets a perfect product.

The team

Mutual respect is the main principle of our team. We are a team with the aim of achieving common benefits.


We believe that the continuous generation of new ideas and their implementation in practice will allow us to develop. We continuously improve our production lines by modernising and applying new technologies.


60 years of successful development, scientific realization and production of welding equipment. The company’s high reputation has been earned through years of hard work. A solid company means trustworthy equipment.


Our mission is to create equipment and welding consumables of exceptional quality. To accomplish its mission, the Welding Equipment Department of the E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute attracts, engages and supports the most talented engineers, designers, marketing, sales and customer support experts. Our staff is a key element of our success.


We place emphasis on taking care of the health and safety of our employees, protecting resources and the environment, while maintaining the highest environmental, health and safety standards. Creating a successful business means respecting our values.


Our aim is to attract, strengthen and ensure the best possible development of our employees by applying motivation and individual approach to each of them. We are honest and transparent in what we do and how we do it, despite the difficulties we encounter on our way, we take on new challenges. We are ready to maintain an open dialogue with our customers, based on honesty, mutual respect and professionalism in order to realize our values.